Our Product

DL becomes a global company through technological innovation and market development

Success in first commercializing of high quality metalloncene polyethylene in Korea with the-state-art-of technology.

DAELIMPOLY fulfills customer satisfaction with its technology that develops high quality products and has great process operation ability. In particular, metallocene polyethylene, which has better physical properties than the existing polyethylene, was successfully developed and commercialized for the first time in Korea with in-house technology, thereby increasing customer value. We will be the best partner for improving customer value by developing differentiated higher value products.

World's No.1 polyisobutene recognized for its stable supply and excellent quality

POLYBUTENE is a product that was successfully commercialized with the in-house technology of DL from its basic synthesis to the manufacturing process. It is firmly set as the world’s No. 1 with its safe supply and excellent quality. We will lead the world market with the best technological prowess such as development of the world’s first single plant swing process and Korea’s first company to export technology to the American market.

Synthetic oil created with self-developed metallocene catalyst technique and process know-how

DaelimSynol is synthetic oil in the form of an ethylene-propylene polymer, developed by applying a self-developed metallocene catalyst technique and process know-how. It can increase the cost competitiveness of customers by providing high fuel efficiency and durability since it has excellent oxidation stability, psychrophilic and shear stability.