R&D History

We have led the technological development of Korea’s petrochemical industry.

The Daedeok R&D Center took part in the development of Korea’s petrochemical industry such as being the first technology exporter and succeeding in commercializing in-house technology. In addition, we have strengthened our competitiveness through technological innovation, productivity improvement and cost reduction. Also we have pioneered the new market with the new technological advancement. We will concentrate on developing technology to improve the competitiveness of the petrochemical industry.

  • 2017

    Developed Synthetic Oil

  • 2016

    Commercialized BMWD mHDPE

  • 2015

    Licensed HR-PIB technology to
    Lubrizol Corporation

  • 2010

    Commercialized HR-PIB on the
    first time in Korea

  • 2007

    Developed Gas Process
    metallocene PE

  • 2005

    Developed slurry process metallocene
    PE / BOPP D.T.L. film

  • 2000

    Separated PMC R&D Center

  • 1993

    PIB own process developed
    & commercial plant started up

  • 1990

    Built R&D building in
    Daedeok Science Town

  • 1987

    Established R&D Center