HSE Management

HSE Vision & Goal

HSE 목표
  • No disease: forming a healthy workplace with
    a pleasant working environment
  • No accident: realizing a safe workplace
    by pursuing intrinsic safety
  • No contamination: contributing to protecting
    the environment by reducing the
    discharge of contaminated materials

A social company practicing sustainable
management based on global leadership
that sets health, safety and environment
as top priority.

HealthㆍSafetyㆍEnvironmentㆍQuality Policy

DL Chemical, establishes the core value of the policy consisting of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality to protect life and the environment across all the business area such as development, procurement, production, sales, shipping and service activities, and also makes every endeavor to implement the policy and pursues the continuous quality improvement for customer satisfaction.

  1. 1. All employees and contractors are committed to complying with all laws, regulations
    and treaties on the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) under relevant jurisdiction.
  2. 2. We arrange the appropriate organizations and procedures to realize the core value of HSEQ
    and pursue the improvement of the organizations and procedures constantly.
  3. 3. We aim for the best quality of the product and the minimized HSEQ risks through continuous
    technology development and workforce training.
  4. 4. We set up the HSEQ emergency procedures to minimize the loss of life and the environmental
    pollution in the company and community, and make the best efforts to implement the procedure
  5. 5. We take our corporate social responsibility to protect the environment and save resources by
    evaluation of the environmental impacts and use of the environment-friendly raw materials and
    technologies through the entire production process and material treatment.
We publicly communicate the policy with all employees as well as stakeholders, and voluntarily carry out the HSEQ activities on the basis of Responsible Care declaration, and disclose our performances toward all the stakeholders to ensure the management transparency.