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since 1979
DL Chemical is growing to
a global petrochemical company based on its
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PE developed on DL Chemical's unique metallocene technology No. 1 PB make in the world Premium Viscosity Regulator EPO
Production capacity : 915KTA of chemical products per annum
Revenue in 2021: approximately KRW 1.6 trillion
A leading global producer of polymers and pine-chemicals
Over 1,000 technology patents
Largest pine-chemical company in the world
Revenue in 2021: Approximately KRW 2 trillion
A BOPP and special film solution provider
Production capacity : 32 KT of BOPP per annum
Revenue in 2021: KRW 95 billion
A manufacturing and sales company of synthetic rubber and latex
No. 1 company in the global market of synthetic rubber for medical gloves
Revenue in 2021: KRW 260 billion
A producer of hotmelt adhesives (APAO)
Started construction in December 2021
Starting commercial production in H1 of 2023 at the capacity of 40KT per annum
An innovator to develop and commercialize Future innovative products
Established in 2023 to develop and rapidly commercialize innovative products
Created Notark™ resins with exceptional dielectric properties for high speed, high frequency communication devices Developing various technology platforms including ion-conducting polymers for future energy solutions

DL Chemical 50%: LyondellBasell 50%

A producer of specialty polypropylene for various applications
Production capacity: 731KT of PP per annum
Revenue in 2021: Approximately KRW 1 trillion

DL Chemical 50%: Hanwha Solution 50%

The largest naphtha cracking center in Korea supplying raw materials including ethylene, propylene and butadiene
Production capacity: 2,300 KT of ethylene and 1,300 KT of propylene per annum
Sales of approx. KRW 6 trillion as of 2021
DL Chemical is growing to a leading business in the global petrochemical industry with its 47 years of extensive experience and expertise in facility operation and production.
DL Chemical is globally recognized for its industry leading technology.
DL Chemical is the first Korean petrochemical company to export technology to the U.S market as well as the second company in the world to have developed the next generation Metallocene Polyethylene.
DL Chemical is the No.1 company in the global PB market (open market).
Cariflex, one of DL Chemical’s global affiliates, takes up about 75% of the global market of synthetic rubber and latex for medical gloves.
Having acquired Kraton, a leading global producer of specialty polymers and pine chemicals, and established D-REX Polymer, an eco-friendly adhesive producer, DL Chemical is prepared to expand into the global markets.
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